Council candidate pledges to donate his allowance to local sports facilities


Alvaston’s British Independents candidate, David Gale, will donate part of his councillor’s allowance to local sports facilities.

David Gale, British Independents’ local government election candidate for Alvaston ward, has announced that, if elected on 3rd May 2018, he will donate up to 25% of his councillor’s basic allowance to improve physical recreation facilities for Derby residents.

Gale said, “The single greatest threat to our NHS is the culture of inactivity and poor diet that currently costs the country over £20 billion a year. If I can make a small difference to our city, by supporting some of the cash-strapped sports clubs and bringing much-needed public attention to this area of debate, I will happily donate part of my councillor’s allowance.”

Every councillor receives a ‘Basic Allowance’ of £10,076 a year, meaning that Gale would donate up to £2,519 per year. Gale has already recently secured Derby City Council’s agreement to roll out a new three-monthly renewable pass to improve public use of the Moorways athletics track, from May this year.

The University of Derby’s website confirms that a poor diet, poor sleep pattern and lack of exercise will make you prone to becoming ill.

David Gale, from Church Street, Alvaston, is a company director and mature law student, as well as voluntary CEO of Kids for Cash UK, an organisation that investigates child abuse, and criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems.

The Brits is a new movement that brings the benefits of a registered political party to independent candidates. David Gale’s election information is here.


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