Local Election Candidate: David Gale – British Independents – Alvaston, Derby


British Independents is a new movement that brings the benefits of a registered political party to independent candidates. Remember, an independent councillor will often hold the balance of power in the Council Chamber on decisions that will affect YOU.

I am one of the few councillor candidates who have a long history of living in the ward for which they are standing for election. More than ever, Derby needs independent councillors who have the skills and experience to hold our council to account and who are free of the constraints of the old political parties.

Councillors should not be focused on opening summer fêtes and exploiting photo opportunities unless they’re also prepared to ask tough questions of council officers AND demand action. The current set up is far too cosy. No one’s asking the BIG questions.

Three examples of questions that Derby City Council doesn’t want to answer:

Will the council now admit that the £165,000 spent (including traffic lights and scaffold) over the last three years at 3 Church Street, Alvaston was completely unnecessary and that an independent surveyor confirmed in 2015 that the building was NOT in imminent danger of collapse?

A senior council officer is reported as enjoying hospitality on a luxury yacht in the south of France with the developers of the Friargate Square Copper Building, just three weeks before the same developers submitted a ‘change of use’ planning application on which the council had an undisclosed financial dependency of up to £3.5 million. Is this why the council ignored the lack of a fire escape in the six-storey building, despite it being featured in the architects’ plans?

Why did the council try to hide its failures after I evidenced deficiencies in its records systems that allowed council officers to ‘lose’ Children’s Services files relating to child abuse? How many children have been abused as a result?

There are many more difficult questions that I can better ask as a councillor that will shine a light on what has been going on under the noses of the current elected members. I have many years’ experience of holding organisations to account, both professionally and as a local campaign leader. No one should expect change if they vote for the same old candidates.

Send a message to your council by helping me to help you on May 3rd.

David Gale
British Independents – Alvaston

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