Abuse of Non-Molestation Orders


KidsForCashUKWell, we made it to press, albeit a week late. A few inaccuracies but not the hatchet job I was anticipating after nearly two weeks of Ministry of Justice counter-spin.

Not only are there dozens of MoJ statistical spreadsheets, secured via FOI requests, to back up this story but, in the areas showing the biggest increases, a handful of judges are evidenced as deliberately ignoring judicial guidelines on the requirement for corroborating evidence to substantiate ex-parte Non-Molestation Order applications.

Now I’m pushing for an edict from the Policing Minister to instruct police to investigate evidenced cases of perjury in the family court…


Here’s a link to my original 2102 article (with updates): https://davidgaleuk.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/kids-for-cash-court-scandal/

7th February 2016

David Gale | Voluntary Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w: http://www.KidsForCashUK.org


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