The Real Truth About Forced Adoption



Through my role within Kids For Cash UK, I am proud to be associated with the campaign against ‘Forced Adoption’ in the UK. In an industry that is now worth £billions, children are forcibly removed from their parents, never to be reunited. We have evidenced social workers, solicitors, barristers, and even a family court judge as directors of private social care companies that provide commercial services to local authorities. Because of the secrecy of the family court, the fate of 4,000 children a year remains a closely guarded, state-sanctioned secret.

British Independents  is the only party with a coherent child protection policy. You can read it here:

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David Gale | Voluntary Chief Executive | Kids for Cash UK | w:

Kids for Cash UK – investigating child abuse and criminal corruption in the family justice and social care systems


  1. Im fighting for justice too, very similar problem and the corruption is horrible as there is no person seems to be not involved or effected by this organized abuse.
    The highest technology and maladministration leaving children, family to suffer without justice covering up for 1 abusive person and their blood or friends just because racism or political views.
    It is worst than an average citizen can imagine by reading the news. Racism can effect people who are not Africans.
    There are lots of fraud marriages where the other person not involved in crime and the criminal one will get rid of them in a while. What happens to the child? Who will the Government support? Will that be a real child arrangement by evidences or just a maladministration to fit the person who gained enough by financial abuse to get a solicitor to cover up other abuse?
    Will they know what to lie? Using the common weapon of mental health assessment after years abuse for made up reason to get the other patent out of the way and take away her rights? Will UK Government/Home Office see throught that fraud(!) marriage breakdown not starting from the actual realized breakdown, it is from begining leaving child without a chance to have a family. In this case the abuse is planned and the resolt known by the abusive immigrant at begining. Except if his mental state is not healthy but in that case they should get treatment and not unlimited rights to carry on to abuse for any reason by screaming they have rights, fathers have even if they criminals. Evidences?….legal aid?… the corruption will eat it up all as corrupt solicitors wont fight against real cause, but claiming legal aid and make evidences out of date to get extra from both. Thats it. Then someone will come to frighten the mother, she cant prove it who, mental health assessment and child prepared for forced adoption by maladministration. Disgusting! Would this be an organized crime in reality? If yes why would be not important to invesigate? Locally not able to solve the issue? Get officers with unknown identity to investigate, visa is lots of money and people do bad things for loosing that opportunity. Criminals should have limited rights as they adults and must take responsibility for their acts. Fraud marriage worst than sham marriage for the child!!

  2. FORCED ADOPTION = social services preparing maladministration on confidential documents against mother changing childs details without asking mother or ignoring mothers statement:
    -child has no religion, mother Christian
    -EEA childs main contact : only African dad, they refusing to state EEA mother as contact
    -they misspelling childs and mothers name wilfully several times
    -they ignoring fraud documents and abuse by dad
    -refusing to state mothers name on ultrasoud scan images
    -giving half of hospital burth certificate and hald ultrasound images
    -they refusing to state childs father caused negligence and they keep repeating false allegations against mother even all previous on new assessment if child in need
    -they threatening they monsters and can fill up a form to take child away from mother if I (mother) dont engadge with their force just ignoring the fraud immigration evidences of my ex and dont close my complaints.

    This is just part of their abuse slowly forcing EEA mother to leave EEA child in UK and they prepare her paperwork so. Someone to adopt her when they finished eith EEA mother and transferred her identity to a person who would be not entitled to stay but would vote and pay tax after UNI. Government would adopt the unregistered children as chikd has no nationality due to fraud. Forced adoption by govetnment if not allowing EEA child to travel to EEA country andcthey targetting EEA mother not resolving fraud and crime.

  3. They just removed one of my comment here not to recognize Im the original mother of my child not the Nora A Veronika in Derby UK.
    I have the right to keep my comment on here not to be removed. Mansfield UK Veronika Nora A, not Nora A Veronika Derby University!!!!


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