Call for transparency of candidates, councillors and public officers

Grange Masonic Temple
The Grange Masonic Temple, Derby

My letter to the Derby Telegraph – 16th April 2015

I understand that Derbyshire County Council now insists that councillors declare membership of pressure groups, trade unions, the Freemasons and other influential bodies and associations.

Sadly, that openness does not appear to be shared in Derby. I am concerned at the lack of transparency of election candidates, councillors and public officers regarding their associations and brotherly bonds. How is the public supposed to have confidence in elected representatives when so many of the opposing parties’ leading councillors share the same Masonic lodge? Should public officers have to divulge membership of Common Purpose, an organisation that greases the wheels of ‘management cooperation’?

Yes, they might also share the same golf club but golf clubs are, by comparison, relatively transparent organisations. It’s one thing to share the nineteenth hole, quite another to covertly pledge to support each other whilst making a public show of opposition and scrutiny.

I speak from the perspective of someone who has been labelled as a ‘dangerous man’ by a senior city councillor, as well as having had a fake criminal record attributed to my identity on the police national computer, only discovered after a tip-off. All of this, according to my friendly sources, because of my role as voluntary CEO of, an organisation that investigates and exposes child sex abuse, as well as malpractice and corruption in the family justice and social care systems. I can report that of the cases in which Kids for Cash has been involved, a disproportionate number have demonstrated collusion facilitated by membership of closed associations.

Will candidates, councillors, and public officers join me in calling for openness and transparency in public service?


David Gale | Leader | British Independents | Derby | England | W:


  1. […] In common with a number of leading property developers and senior police officers, many of the leading councillors, from all parties, share a secret brotherly bond as freemasons. I take great pride in having been labelled a ‘dangerous man’ by one of the local parties’ council leaders. It should come as no surprise that none of the other parties, nor the local media have supported my call for councillors to declare membership of clubs and associations. […]

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